An explanation

These slides chronicle the John Muir Trail hikes taken by a group in Hanford, California that began as Boy Scouts, then as Explorers and finally just guys who wanted to hike. These hikes lasted 9 days each and covered approximately 120 miles.

In the process of participating in these and other preparatory hikes, we acquired important lessons of the outdoors, like what substances blow up under what conditions and an enormous number of dirty jokes, many of which we only pretended to understand. For a period of several days during those summers, we developed an overpowering appreciation of home cooked meals.

In retrospect, we learned some other lessons as well. We encountered a breathtakingly beautiful environment that could be treacherous and unforgiving. We found out the importance of both of teamwork and individual perseverance. We felt the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal.

These experiences would not have happened without the leadership and encouragement of the adults who were willing spend their time with us. Thank you Doc Jensen, Charlie Bopp and Earl Johnson.

Now, as the group approaches geezerhood, we're going to head off into the wilderness for a reality check Hopefully, these slides will inspire us.

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